Saturday, October 17

body as canvas

partially smudged but still awesome vine painting on my arm
genevieve brought her face paints to the expressive arts party on friday
my only instructions were "something pretty, maybe a vine" and i let her use her aesthetic interpretation

Saturday, October 10

Friday, October 2

Return of the Cheese!

Due to popular request I've decided to resurrect the Cheese Blog. Hurrah!

I found my latest decadence in the new Whole Foods Market on 24th Street in Noe Valley.
I nearly had to knock a four year old boy over to grab a sampled bit of Marieke Gouda with Foenegreek Seeds this afternoon. Thankfully his mother was right behind to
intervene before things got ugly. I only intended to eat the sample but once this nutty cheese hit my palette I made an about-face and dutifully purchased a block, hesitation nil.

Let's start with the name. Marieke Gouda is from Holland Family Farms in Wisconsin and made from cow's milk. Ok, and you're wondering what the hell are Foenegreek Seeds and how do you pronounce that?? Apparently, the maple like Foenegreek seeds are native to Holland and they are an ancient cure-all for ailments. Sweet, spongy, yummy, this cheese won 2nd place in the World Cheese Championship (2008). I do pick winners!

This delicate spongy cheese is paired nicely with salty crackers and/o
r a red wine varietal. I recommend Milton's Everything Multi-Grain Crackers and Le Cigare Volant respectively. Pace yourself though, it's easy to overdo it with this one.

Cheese: Marieke Gouda with Foenegreek Seeds
Price: $12.99/lb
Country: USA
Taste: Delicate, nutty, salty-sweet