Saturday, January 28

3rd Day of Resistance

Ban imposed on people coming from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan, even those who have American Green cards and Official Visas.  News of at least three people detained at SFO from a flight from United Arab Emirates.

1.  Called SFO Airport left a message with Security Department asking them to release anyone detained due to the recent ban
2. Called US Customs Office of Port of San Francisco left a message asking them to let lawyers speak to the detainees
3. Called Landing Rights office at SFO 650-624-7200, left a message requesting lawyers be admitted to speak with detainees

Thursday, January 26

2nd Day of Resistance

1. Community mental health
2. Picked up plastic bags that seagulls were trying to eat from a park
3. Called the White House Fascists on Facebook.

Wednesday, January 25

1st Day of Resistance

This twilight zone. This backwards federal government of oppression and silencing and misinformation. It just keeps getting worse. I have to remember to do something, even small things every day.

So, how I resisted this new fascist government today.

1. Worked in Community Mental Health with very poor and underserved people
2. Followed and Re-Tweeted +BadlandsNPS who is resisting the gag order imposed on communications from the Interior department.
3. Renewed my membership to the ACLU

more to come....