Saturday, January 28

3rd Day of Resistance

Ban imposed on people coming from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan, even those who have American Green cards and Official Visas.  News of at least three people detained at SFO from a flight from United Arab Emirates.

1.  Called SFO Airport left a message with Security Department asking them to release anyone detained due to the recent ban
2. Called US Customs Office of Port of San Francisco left a message asking them to let lawyers speak to the detainees
3. Called Landing Rights office at SFO 650-624-7200, left a message requesting lawyers be admitted to speak with detainees

Thursday, January 26

2nd Day of Resistance

1. Community mental health
2. Picked up plastic bags that seagulls were trying to eat from a park
3. Called the White House Fascists on Facebook.

Wednesday, January 25

1st Day of Resistance

This twilight zone. This backwards federal government of oppression and silencing and misinformation. It just keeps getting worse. I have to remember to do something, even small things every day.

So, how I resisted this new fascist government today.

1. Worked in Community Mental Health with very poor and underserved people
2. Followed and Re-Tweeted +BadlandsNPS who is resisting the gag order imposed on communications from the Interior department.
3. Renewed my membership to the ACLU

more to come....

Friday, December 17

Two Tenets from a Third Wave Feminist

I'm a feminist. But probably not the kind you think of or the kind Ann Coulter loves to mock.

My view of feminism is simple and contains two tenets.

1. Women should hold all the rights and privileges men do in every society. (No big shocker here)

2. Women should be in control of their own destiny. This means, their body, their property, their relationships and their vocation.

An important new distinction between second and third wave feminism is the privy given to individual choice. A woman can choose to be anything from a housewife to a porn star and as long as it's not a choice made of coercion or manipulation that choice should be accepted and unhindered.

Thursday, June 24

He looked like trouble

You. I want to meet You.

That was the first thing he ever said to her.

Maybe he liked the way she looked.

She looked good.

He looked like trouble.

Monday, December 7

My Dear List

Dear holiday season sales,
It would be really great if you would stop having great deals on cute boots, jackets and scarves! You're basically forcing me into debt and buyers remorse. thanks, me

Dear facebook,
Stop being so goddamn addicting! My life has become a wasteland of bad wedding photos, snarky comments and personality surveys. thanks, me

Dear twilight,
I never meant all those horrible things I said about you. I was a coward and broke under pressure. Please take me back! love, me

Dear friends from out of town,
i love you but i don't think i can aimlessly wander through fisherman's wharf one more time! thanks, me

Thursday, November 19


Sunny + Cold

Wednesday, November 18


Whirling Dervish

Monday, November 16


Sunday in Emeryville

Friday, November 13


Friday the 13th of November

The morning light was bright today.