Monday, December 7

My Dear List

Dear holiday season sales,
It would be really great if you would stop having great deals on cute boots, jackets and scarves! You're basically forcing me into debt and buyers remorse. thanks, me

Dear facebook,
Stop being so goddamn addicting! My life has become a wasteland of bad wedding photos, snarky comments and personality surveys. thanks, me

Dear twilight,
I never meant all those horrible things I said about you. I was a coward and broke under pressure. Please take me back! love, me

Dear friends from out of town,
i love you but i don't think i can aimlessly wander through fisherman's wharf one more time! thanks, me

1 comment:

  1. Hello Alicia, it's Eric from Draguignan, FRANCE.
    I'm sorry to lose contact but I lost your email long time ago.
    I just find your blog, nice.
    How are U?
    Have you an email?
    Apologize for my english. So bad.
    Eric MIRY