Tuesday, March 10

Broke and Interesting

So you're broke and living in Portland. That doesn't mean you have to stay home, eating Ramen noodles and watching daytime tele. I'm compiling a list of fun and interesting things to do for less than 7 bucks.

Know of other rad stuff for under $7.00? Add to my list!!


  1. Ikea breakfast - $0.99 (2 slices bacon, scrambled eggs, potatoes) + free coffee before 10:00 am + carpool of friends = priceless.

  2. Go is great, but there have also been some really excellent boardgames designed in the last 15 years. There's a sizable group every Thursday at the Lucky Lab, SE 9th and Hawthorne, 7 PM. Just show up and talk to the people with the games. $5 gets you a nice plate of bread and hummus.